Blackstone RMPs

Resource Management Plan Underway

DCR's Blackstone Complex is a collection of seven parks and other DCR assets that are mainly located in southern Worcester County. This includes a historic canal, canal paths, and locks associated with the industrialization of the Blackstone Valley; the unusual geologic feature of Purgatory Chasm; a historic CCC camp; a popular recreation area on Wallum Lake; a linear park along a former railroad bed; and thousands of acres of native forests.

DCR parks within the Blackstone Complex

Each park is the subject of its own Resource Management Plan; all plans are currently underway and will be released later this year.

Public Input

Public input is an integral component of the RMP process; and provides a forum within the RMP to enhance communication and cooperation with park visitors, partners, and surrounding communities. On March 28, 2018, DCR hosted an initial public meeting at the Bellingham Public Library to solicit input regarding recreation, stewardship of resources, and park facilities.

A second public meeting, to solicit input on Draft Resource Management Plans and their recommendations for properties in the Blackstone Complex will be held later this year. Please check the DCR Public Meetings Information page for updates.

Blackstone Complex Meeting March 28-2018    Meeting agenda   Meeting presentation

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