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Buyer Webcasts

The OSD webcasts will assist you in learning about state procurement and using the COMMBUYS system.

Learning opportunities are a click away and available on your schedule by accessing our library of webcasts. These eLearning modules, accessible on your computer, include topics such as OSD Programs and Services and COMMBUYS, the Commonwealth's Market Center. Learn basic navigation, searching for contracts, posting a construction bid, and more.

OSD Programs and Services

Overview of Statewide Contracts

What are Statewide Contracts? Who can purchase from them? How do businesses become Statewide Contractors? This short webcast answers these questions and more. Learn some of the benefits for buyers and contractors, what types of goods and services are covered under these agreements, and where to find additional information.

Coming SoonSmall Business Purchasing Program Overview

From this webcast, Executive Department Buyers will learn when the Small Business Purchasing Program (SBPP) applies to goods and services procurements, how to indicate SBPP designation on COMMBUYS bids, how to identify SBPP enrolled vendors, and what eligibility criteria businesses registering for the program must meet.


COMMBUYS Basic Navigation

By the end of this webcast, you will be able to confidently navigate through COMMBUYS. Included topics are the Landing page, Homepage, Header bar, Navigation sidebar, and some of the basic command buttons.

How to Search for Contracts in COMMBUYS

This course is intended to instruct COMMBUYS users on how to search for Statewide Contracts. Users will be brought through the step-by-step process for searching, first from the Pubic View, and then from a Buyer logged-in perspective.

How to Post a Construction Bid in COMMBUYS

This webcast provides step-by-step instructions to post construction bids in COMMBUYS to satisfy the Act to Modernize Municipal Finance and Government law that became effective November 7, 2016.

Selecting Commodity Codes (UNSPSC) for Bid Solicitations

When creating and posting bids in COMMBUYS, proper commodity code selection is fundamental to maximizing vendor quote responses. The United Nations Standard Products and Services Codes (UNSPSC) is a global products and services classification system that OSD utilizes to categorize purchases and to notify businesses about opportunities posted in COMMBUYS.

Introduction to RPA Release Enabled Contracts

This webcast introduces participants to RPA Release-enabled Contracts. These Contracts allow buyers to document purchases in COMMBUYS after-the-fact when a standard release requisition is either impracticable or impossible.

Recording Requests for Payment Authorization in COMMBUYS: Policy and Procedure

This webcast provides step-by-step instructions for recording an after-the-fact purchase or Request for Payment Authorization (RPA) in COMMBUYS. RPAs enable users to record in COMMBUYS purchases that were made during an emergency or other circumstance when a purchase order is not feasible for acquiring a good or service.

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