Calculate employer Paid Family and Medical Leave contributions

This calculator is meant to help employers estimate their Paid Family and Medical Leave contribution responsibility.

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Employer contributions calculator

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The information and calculations displayed on this site do not necessarily reflect the actual amount of your required contribution. The calculator results are approximations and should not be considered as the final determination of your required contribution.

About the PFML employer calculator

If you're a Massachusetts employer with a workforce of any size, you're required to begin withholding Paid Family and Medical Leave contributions from covered individuals' wages beginning Oct. 1, 2019.

Your contribution responsibilities depend on your average number of covered individuals from the last calendar year (Jan. 1 - Dec. 31). All employers are required to submit contributions on behalf of their covered individuals while larger employers may also be responsible for paying a share of the required contributions.

This calculator will help you answer 2 questions necessary for determining your contribution responsibilities:

  1. Whether or not your 1099-MISC contractors are considered covered individuals
  2. Whether or not you're responsible for paying a share of the contributions

If you are a worker and you want to find out how much will be taken from your paycheck, you should ask your employer. The maximum is $0.38 per every $100. 

Sample approximate deduction and benefit amounts for workers at various income categories

Annual Pay Level Weekly Contribution Annual Contribution Weekly Benefits Amount During Leave Percent of Regular Weekly Income
$25,000 (a full-time worker making minimum wage) $1.81 $95 $384.62 80%
$50,000 $3.63 $189 $688.28 72%
$75,000 $5.45 $238 $850.00 59%
$100,000 $7.27 $378 $850.00 44%