Choosing a Licensed Professional

This checklist provides some basic pointers to help you choose a tradesperson or professional and receive satisfactory service. You can prevent problems from occurring by doing a little work up front.

What to consider when choosing a licensed professional

  • Is the tradesperson or professional properly licensed? Verify the license with DOL's check a license service. 
  • What is the person's experience? How many years have they been in business?
  • What is the person's record of service? Can you get referrals from friends, family or neighbors?
  • Check with the local Better Business Bureau to see if they can shed any light on the practitioner's reputation.
  • Is the practitioner a member in good standing with a state or local professional or trade association or local chamber of commerce?
  • Does he or she have additional credentials - continuing education, area of specialty or private professional certification?
  • Does he or she carry liability insurance?
  • In the case of health care professionals, what types of insurance coverage does he or she accept?
  • Will your insurance cover the service?
  • Does he or she provide a detailed estimate of services to be provided and other costs? Exactly what are you getting for your money? To be sure the expectations are clear, you should get the agreement in writing.
  • Does he or she offer a guarantee, warranty, or consumer protection policy?
  • Does the practitioner ask for cash in payment of services, rather than a check, credit card or money order? Such a request might indicate a lack of business stability.

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