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Oral Health Disease Prevention Information

Prevention is key to good oral health.   

Patient Fact Sheets:  

Additional information including overviews and provider fact sheets are available on Massachusetts Oral Health Series (MOHS).

For Healthcare Providers 

Clinical Recommendations for Infancy, Childhood, and Adolescence: 

Confirm (or refer to) Dental Home, Perform Risk Assessment    Starting from 6 months old and reconfirming an active dental home at each visit until age 5, and then continue reconfirming annually thereafter. The first dental office visit should occur by age 1.  
Apply Topical Fluoride Varnish  Starting from 6 months old (first tooth erupted) apply fluoride varnish up to every 3 months until at least age 5. 
Consider Prescribing Oral Fluoride Supplementation (non-fluoridated communities only)  Starting from 6 months old, based on individual town/city community water fluoridation status, continue supplements until age 16 or change in related community water fluoridation status. 

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Based on 2023 Water Fluoridation Status**

2023 List of Massachusetts Cities/Towns by Community Water Fluoridation Status

*Receives fluoridated water from the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority (MWRA)

**Please note:  The current status of some fluoridated communities may be different than what is listed due to a temporary suspension of fluoridation.


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