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Constable Program

The Constable program allows municipality appointed Constables access to view customer and vehicle data to serve civil process only.

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The Constable program allows constables to view customer and vehicle data via the RMV’s ATLAS Business Portal. Constables must have an active appointment letter from the city/town they serve.  The RMV must have an active appointment letter at all times to remain on this program.   

Who can participate in the Constable program?

Actively appointed constables that serve civil process. Only the constable may be granted access, no office staff will be approved.  

RMV data contains Driver's Privacy Protection Act protected information, all constables must have a background check before they can access RMV data, refer to Section 11 of the Access Agreement. 

Depending on the business need, the Business Portal gives you the ability to: 

  • Inquire on drivers **Photos are highly secured by the DPPA, constables are not authorized to view** 

  • Inquire on vehicles 

  • View driving history 

Is there a fee to participate in the program?

There is no fee to participate in the General Business Program.   

How do I access the Program?

Business Portal: This real-time free service facilitates individual users logging into a web-based portal displaying native RMV screens.  Usernames and passwords are required as well as a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) every time you log in.  There is no fee to participate in this program.  

Log into the Business Portal  

Next Steps

Step 1: A letter of Intent and Appointment letter should be ready to upload.

a. Create a signed and dated letter on your business letterhead stating your business need for this program and what data you require. The letter needs to be submitted by the duly authorized signatory of the business. 

b. A copy of your appointment letter that is active and shows you have been sworn in as a constable.  

Step 2: Register for access to the RMV's Community Portal as a New Business Partner. Only one person can register per business.  (After approved registration, more contacts can be added.) You will be required to upload your letter of intent and appointment letter when registering.  

*If you are an existing business partner and do not have Community Portal credentials, contact rmvbusinesspartners@dot.state.ma.us and request a Community Portal logon. Go to step 3.    

Step 3: Once your registration is approved, you will receive an email with your RMV's Community Portal login credentials. This may take up to 5-7 business days.   

Step 4: Log into the RMV's Community Portal to complete the process of becoming an RMV Business Partner for the program(s) you have selected.  

The person submitting the request will receive notification when the documents are approved or rejected.  End users will receive an email with their Business Portal login credentials once approved.   


You will be required to complete the following documents.  The forms can be completed two ways.  Online in a fillable format and signed digitally or download the forms, complete and upload.  To find the documents, visit the RMV's Community Portal.  The Downloadable documents are listed on the Home page.  To see the checklist of forms required go to the RMV’s Community Portal, click on My Business & Programs, click on open details.  

Access Agreement –The access agreement is the standard version of the Agreement for Access to Records Maintained by Registry of Motor Vehicles.  Visit the RMV's Community Portal, click on: My Business & Programs, click on open details. In the Business Checklists you will find the Access Agreement, click on Complete Online   

  • One agreement must be completed and signed by the signatory authority for your business.    

  • Make sure you are checking off Constable  

Business Portal User Request form 

  • This form is used to identify the constable that will need access to the Business Portal.  

If you would like to review the documents, please use the links below.    

Sample: Agreement for Access to Records and Data Maintained by Registry of Motor Vehicles - Standard Business Partners  

Sample: RMV Business Portal User Request Form  

Is there training required to participate in this program?

Yes, all users must watch the ATLAS Business Portal Training/Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) and Navigation - May 2023 to understand the DPPA law and learn how to navigate ATLAS. 

Reference guides 

ATLAS Navigation and General Inquiry for Business Users/Business Partners 

Business Portal Help Documentation   

Some users may be authorized to view more than the standard access,  

Viewing Driving History Information - YouTube Video 

Viewing Suspension Information - YouTube Video 


Community Portal - New Registration   

The RMV's Community Portal will have additional help material.    


Contact Information

Questions for Constable Program/or using the Business Portal: rmvbusinesspartners@dot.state.ma.us

Business Portal Access or Password Issues rmvbusinesspartners@dot.state.ma.us     

Questions on the RMV's Community Portal rmvbusinesspartners@dot.state.ma.us   

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