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Court Capital Planning

This office represents the user agency in all projects involving construction or major renovation of courthouses.

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The capital planning component of the Facilities Management and Capital Planning Department of the Trial Court is committed to providing access to justice, through the capital improvement of life safety, security and structural integrity of court facilities that are owned by the Commonwealth or the political subdivisions of the Commonwealth.

The Trial Court has been able to invest in the capital improvement of several courthouses in recent years. Six cutting-edge regional justice centers have opened in the past decade, totaling over one million square feet of new courthouse space. Several leases and outdated facilities have been replaced through consolidation into these modern courthouses.

Several improvement projects are currently underway. A new energy-efficient Lowell Judicial Center, replacing two aging facilities and a private lease, is under construction in the Hamilton Canal District. Assorted repairs and renovations are in progress across the state. 

We hope you find the information on this website useful. Resources in the related links section of this page include current information on active court construction projects, statistics on recently completed courthouses, and updates on capital planning and funding. If clarification or additional information is needed, please contact us.



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Last updated: April 27, 2018