COVID-19 mobile pop-up vaccination clinics

Learn more about these community-based, short-term vaccination clinics and find one near you.

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COVID-19 mobile vaccination clinics

Mobile pop-up vaccination clinics take place in a community-based setting like a community center, auditorium, or tent. They usually are set up short-term, for a day or evening for example, and may be offered on a regular schedule, like one day a week.

  • They are offered in addition to typical vaccination sites, like hospitals/medical provider offices, or pharmacy-based clinics.
  • Pop up or mobile vaccination services are delivered by qualified clinical staff, including nurses, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians.
  • Pop up or mobile vaccination services include registration for vaccine appointments, sharing information about the vaccine, giving the vaccine, observation by clinical staff after getting the vaccine, and scheduling of follow up appointments for second doses (if needed).

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