Daily reimbursement rate for early education and care programs

The Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) provides financial assistance to families in need every year. EEC established maximum daily rates to reimburse programs that care for children who receive financial assistance.

Daily reimbursement rates

EEC's daily reimbursement rate for subsidized early education and care is based on multiple factors including the program type, the child's age, the location of care, and the type of care. 

In accordance with 808 CMR 1.03(4), EEC cannot pay a provider a rate that is higher than the lowest fee charged for the same type of care unless:

  • A client receiving services from EEC is charged a fee that is calculated based on EEC's approved sliding fee scale and the contractor has collected that fee.
  • A provider has sufficient restricted charitable contributions designated by their donor to be used to offset the difference between the fee charged to a private paying client and the rate charged to the Commonwealth.

Rates include any rates based on sibling discounts. EEC may require all providers and family child care systems to submit documentation to substantiate the rates they charge to their privately paying clients for the same type of services and any discounting of private rates with restricted revenues.

Reimbursement for part-time care is 60% of the full-time rate.

Family Child Care systems are expected to reimburse affiliated system providers at a rate that is equal to or greater than the regional Family Child Care provider rate shown in the rate chart. Care for less then 6 hours per day is considered part-time child care, 6 or more hours per day is considered full-time child care.

Reimbursement for programs holding supportive, teen parent, and homeless contracts includes the maximum standard daily rate by program type and region, plus additional reimbursement for services.

Reimbursement for transportation provided for children in care in income eligible contracts and vouchers.

Download EEC's Daily Reimbursement Rate Chart below for the current reimbursement rate schedule.

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