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Questions about general licensing, applications, and consumer-related topics

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How Can I Obtain a License Verification/Certified Statement of Registration?

The request must be made through the licensee’s account via the Eplace Portal.

A fee of $15 per statement/verification is processed via credit card or electronic check. 

I Had a DOR Hold on My License(s) But I Have Taken Care of the Matter, How Can I Remove the Hold?

To ensure that DOR removes the hold on your license(s) follow these steps

In order to show that the licensee is tax compliant, they need to do the following:

  1. Go to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue website
  2. Scroll down to the Tax Self-Help section.
    1. The line reads, Log in to MassTaxConnect.
    2. Click on the link.
  3. This brings you to the MassTaxConnect page.
    1. On the right side of the page, find the link that reads, Request a certificate of good standing.
    2. Click on the link.
  4. IMPORTANT: On the application page, in the first box that reads Application Type, click the drop-down arrow and select the Professional License Renewal option.
    1. DO NOT select the option Certificate of Good Standing.
    2. The Division of Occupational Licensure needs the letter directly from the Department of Revenue.
    3. The Professional License Renewal option tells the DOR to send it to DOL.
  5. Continue and submit the application. Once the DOR notifies the DOL, confirming the licensee is tax compliant, the license renewal option will become available on the Eplace Portal.

Do I Qualify for a Reciprocal License?

The Electricians' Board currently has reciprocity with New Hampshire for both Master and Journeyman licenses.

Applicants may apply for a Journeyman license if they obtained licensure in NH by examination. Applicants may apply for a Master license if they already hold a MA Journeyman license or they may apply for both licenses in MA if they hold both in NH.

Note: Master applicants must document an equivalent 150hr Master program completion.

Applications are made online via the Eplace Portal. For further application guidance see here.

How Do I Appeal the Decision of a Wiring Inspector?

In order to appeal the decision of a wiring inspector, please visit the Electricians Home Page section of the website and download, complete and submit the appeal request form together with the following documents:

  • the notice of disapproval received from the Inspector of Wires;
  • a check or money order for $86 payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts;
  • any exhibits to be entered into the docket.

When Will My License be Renewed?

Renewal notices are sent out 6 weeks prior to the expiration date printed on your license. Once the continuing education verification and payment are received, your license renewal will be mailed within 4 to 6 weeks.

If you do not receive your renewal notice, please email the Board office at

When Will the Examinations be Based on the New Code Editions or Amendments?

All examination items are based on the edition of the electrical code currently in effect. Changes in examination items, directly related to acceptance of a promulgated code (NFPA 70/ MEC 527 CMR 12.00) by the Board of Fire Prevention will not affect any examination items for six months after the effective date of the new regulation. Always check for updated information in the Candidate Information Bulletin

What are the Recent Changes in the Regulations?

The Board has made three major changes:

  1. Work Experience will no longer expire if accrued more than 6 years prior to completing education (4 for systems licenses). Now, for all licenses, work experience will be creditable so long as it was obtained within 20 years of the date of application (i.e. if an application is dated March 1, 2020, any work experience earned since March 1, 2000 will be creditable for the purpose of qualifying for examination).
  2. Education will no longer expire after 6 to 9 years. Instead, education will generally be creditable for 20 years, calculated starting from the date the educational program commences (e.g. an electrical program commenced on Jan. 1, 2018 and successfully completed will remain creditable for the purpose of qualifying for examination until Jan. 1, 2038).
  3. Applicants must now complete the 15 hour Continuing Education Program based on the Electrical Code in effect at the time of application.

I Was Once Denied for Having Expired Education/Work Experience Under the Previous Rules.

These rules apply to all applicants, effective immediately. As the new expiration rules only serve to loosen restrictions on applicants, there is no need for any waivers or “grandfathering” of the previous rules. Any applicants previously denied need only resubmit their application for examination to the exam vendor and their application will be reviewed according to the new rules.

Will My Application for Exam be Denied if I Haven’t Taken the 15-Hour Code Course?

The Board will require documentation of the 15-hour code class with exam applications beginning March 30, 2020.

How Do I Go About Getting a Code Interpretation?

The Board of Fire Prevention Regulation (BFPR) interprets the electrical code via the Interpretations Committee. Please write your question- to elicit a yes or no response- to the committee at:

Board of Fire Prevention Regulation (BFPR)
Department of Fire Services (DFS)

PO Box 1025
State Road
Stow MA 01775

Do I Need to Retake the Exam to Reinstate My License if it Expired More than 1 Renewal Cycle Ago?

Yes, per the Board regulation your license(s) can only be reinstated by retaking the respective exam. To begin you need to have the 15hrs code class completed. Then you need authorization to the exam vendor so you must complete and submit a request form to the Board office by mail or email The request form is available here.

When you receive the authorization info you can then submit an exam application to PSI to schedule. The app is available here.

You will receive an authorization number for each license you want to reinstate. You must then take each exam and pass it to reinstate that license.

Does the Board Accept Online Course Education?

No, the Board has not approved online or correspondence initial education programs. The Board has approved of the 15hr CE online however. For the approved list see here

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