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About Lemuel Shattuck Hospital

  • The Lemuel Shattuck Hospital is a 260-bed, state-operated hospital that provides medical and psychiatric treatment to diverse patient populations requiring multi-disciplinary care and support.
  • It is operated by the Department of Public Health (DPH) in conjunction with the Department of Mental Health (DMH) and the Department of Correction (DOC).
  • The Shattuck Hospital, which employs nearly 700 staff members, is a fully accredited teaching facility, and is comprised of:
    • 117  inpatient medical/surgical beds (operated by DPH)
    • 28 medical/surgical beds dedicated to DOC patients
    • 115 inpatient psychiatric beds (operated by DMH)

Project overview

  • Built in 1954, the Shattuck Hospital requires extensive renovations to maintain its current level of care.
  • The Commonwealth is relocating Shattuck’s existing medical and psychiatric services to the East Newton Pavilion building, currently owned and operated by Boston Medical Center, in 2025. East Newton Pavilion is located at 88 East Newton Street, Boston, MA.
  • Relocating to the East Newton Pavilion provides a cost-effective, high-quality solution for the state. The Commonwealth estimates that the acquisition and relocation costs will be approximately $200 million. Comparatively, renovating the existing Shattuck Hospital or building a new facility is estimated at $400 million and $500 million, respectively.
  • Relocation to East Newton Pavilion also provides the opportunity for potential collaboration with BMC, DMH’s Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center, and neighboring academic institutions.
  • The Shattuck Hospital will relocate its 260 inpatient beds; however, the non-profit provider programs currently operating at Shattuck will not be relocating to the East Newton Pavilion. These programs include:
    • Residential treatment programs
    • Outpatient psychiatric services
    • Pine Street shelter
    • Methadone clinic

The future of the Shattuck Campus in Jamaica Plain

  • The state will be engaging in a 12 month planning process to develop recommendations for the future use of the 13-acre Shattuck Campus. The planning process will provide interested stakeholders, neighborhood groups, members of the public and non-profit provider programs with an opportunity to provide input and comment on the potential uses of the campus. The land is required to serve a public health purpose per statute.
  • Ongoing project updates are available at

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