Grid modernization and AMI filings and reports

Here you can view a list of grid modernization and advanced metering infrastructure filings and reports that were filed with the DPU.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

On this page you will find:

  • the annual reports and term reports. In these filings, you will find program progress updates and data analyses.
  • the annual grid modernization factor (GMF) filing materials for the electric companies. In these filings, the electric companies seek cost recovery for their pre-authorized grid modernization investments.
  • the third-party evaluation reports.  In these filings, you will find evaluation reports that assess the performance of the electric companies’ grid modernization investments.  A consultant produces the evaluation reports.
  • the GMF tariffs of each electric company approved by the Department of Public Utilities (DPU).

2. Filings approving the grid modernization plans

The DPU approved Eversource's grid modernization plans in D.P.U. 15-122, D.P.U. 20-74, and D.P.U. 21-80.

The DPU approved National Grid's grid modernization plans in D.P.U. 15-120 and D.P.U. 21-81.  

The DPU approved Unitil's grid modernization plans in D.P.U. 15-121 and D.P.U. 21-82.  

3. Eversource

4. National Grid

5. Unitil


There are no annual GMF filings for 2018 and 2019.  According to a 2018 Unitil letter, there were no costs in 2018.  According to a 2019 Unitil letter, no projects submitted for cost recovery since no projects closed in 2019.

6. Grid modernization third-party evaluation reports

7. GMF tariffs

You can find the GMF tariffs at the links below:

  • Eversource
  • National Grid
  • Unitil
    1. select "Massachusetts" as the state and "electric" as the service

    2. click on "Electric Charges & Adjustments (Massachusetts)"

    3. scroll down to "Grid Modernization Factor (GMF)" 

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Last updated: August 23, 2023

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