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Continuing education

All licensees now must complete continuing education:

On April 29, 2022, the Board of Allied Health Professions issued regulations requiring licensees to complete continuing competence activities (i.e., continuing education) before renewal. All licensees should review the new regulations on Board of Allied Health Professionals.

As part of your renewal application, you will be required to certify that you have completed all continuing competence activities required to renew your license. If you do not so certify, the Board will not renew your license, even if you submit your renewal application, until you demonstrate compliance.

The Board will prorate the continuing competence activities required for a licensee's first renewal that is due on or after September 1, 2022. The schedule of continuing competence activities licensees must complete is based on a licensee's renewal date and is available on the Board's website.

Licensees who must renew before September 1, 2022 or were licensed by examination (not reciprocity) and are renewing for the first time are exempt from any continuing competence requirements for this renewal cycle.

Special Note for Athletic Trainers: The continuing competence requirements for athletic trainers have not changed except that, for all renewals due after July 31, 2024, an athletic trainer must complete ethics, laws, and regulations continuing competence activities. See the continuing competence regulations and the schedule of continuing competence activities for more information. The Board may conduct an audit to ensure compliance with continuing competence requirements, so licensees should maintain proper documentation of activities during the past two license cycles when the regulations were in effect.

Criminal history check

The Board is certified by the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services to access data about convictions and pending criminal cases.

Those and other Federal and professional records may be checked as part of your licensing renewal. No records are automatic disqualifiers as you will be given an opportunity to discuss any issues with the Board.

Discipline by another licensing board

Licensees who have had discipline taken against any professional license issued to them by any jurisdiction and who have not already reported such to the Board must indicate this discipline on the attestations section of the renewal and submit, together with the renewal application and payment, the final decision, consent agreement or other such document issued by the licensing authority. The documents must be uploaded on the "documents" section of the online renewal.

Instructions regarding untrue attestations

If any of the listed attestations within the on-line renewal application are not true, please be sure to provide an explanation and supporting documentation for each untrue attestation detailing why it is not true. Documents may be uploaded on the documents page of the renewal; the Board will contact you if it requires more information. The Board will review the provided explanation(s) and supporting documentation regarding the untrue statement(s) and will make a determination regarding renewal eligibility. If a determination is made that you are not eligible to renew your license you may appeal the decision.

Late fee

If your completed renewal application and payment are not received by your renewal date, your license will expire. You must cease practice and you will be required to pay a late fee in order to renew.

Name and/or address changes

You may make mailing address changes as part of your online renewal. Be advised that the mailing address on record with the Board is a PUBLIC RECORD, freely available to anyone who calls the Board. If you are using your home address, you may wish to change this to an office address or PO BOX. To prevent the delay of your license renewal, name changes must be made after you renew your license


Regulations have been promulgated, affecting all Allied Health professionals as well as Physical Therapy Facilities. The text of the regulations can be found on the Allied Health Professions Board's website, or they can be purchased through the State House Bookstore for a nominal fee by calling 617-727-2834.

Renewal terms and conditions

All licensees must read, be familiar with, and comply with the laws and rules and regulations of the Board of Registration of Allied Health Professions; G.L.c.112, s.s 23A through 23Q and 259 CMR 2.00 through 7.00.

Social Security Number (SSN) Notice

Pursuant to G.L.c.30A, s.13A, the Board was required to obtain your SSN. Your SSN will be used to ensure compliance with all laws of the Commonwealth relating to taxes, reporting of employees and contractors, and withholding and remitting child support pursuant to G.L.c.62C, s.47A and s.49A. Under certain circumstances, your SSN also may be used to determine compliance with other federal, state or local laws as required by statute. You do not need to provide your SSN unless the Board specifically requests it.

Unlicensed practice

You may not practice with an expired license. A licensee who practices with an expired license may be subject to formal discipline. A licensee who practices with a license that has been expired for more than 90 days may be subject to civil administrative penalties of up to $2,500 per violation.


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