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Marriage without delay instructions

In Massachusetts, there is normally a three-day waiting period between the filing of a notice of intention to marry and the issuance of a Certificate of Intention to Marry, also known as a Marriage License.

When applying for a Marriage License, if you wish to speed up this process and attempt to waive the three-day waiting period, you may file a “Marriage Without Delay (G.L. c. 207, § 30)” court form.

You may file this form at the Probate and Family Court, District Court, or Boston Municipal Court in the county where you are seeking your marriage license. 

The total cost associated with filing a Marriage Without Delay court form is $195 ($180 filing fee plus a $15 surcharge).   

Please see the following fee schedules for more information:

Probate and Family Court filing fees

BMC & District Court filing fees

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