Learn about accessing probation information

Find out what probation information you can access.

Getting information from your probation case file

To get information from your probation case file, you'll need to meet with your probation officer and tell them what information you're requesting. You'll need to sign a release, and the documents will be reviewed by the Chief Probation Officer, who may be required to redact certain parts of the file before they're given to you.

Getting information if you're the victim of a crime

If you're the victim of a crime and the court has ordered the probationer to stay away from you and have no contact with you, the supervising probation officer can:

  • Tell you whether or not the probationer is complying with the court orders
  • Tell you if the probationer moves to another location
  • Contact you on a monthly basis if you ask. You can ask to be contacted by email, letter, or phone.    

You can also contact your assigned Victim Services Coordinator for support.

Getting information about probationers

If the probationer is 18 or older, probation officers can't discuss the status of a probationer with family members, friends, or a spouse unless the probationer signs a release and allows for a status report. Probation officers can't release any information to neighbors or concerned citizens who want to know if someone is on probation.

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