Find out what happens if you violate your probation

Learn about what happens if you violate your probation conditions or don't pay your fees and restitution.

Violating probation

If you don't follow your probation conditions, your probation officer is required by the court to take action. This action may include:

  • Requesting a warrant for your arrest
  • The judge requiring you to come back to court to add more conditions to your probation
  • Having any compliance credit you've earned taken away
  • Having your probation revoked. If your probation is revoked, the judge may sentence you to the house of correction or prison.  

Your probation officer has been assigned to help you follow the conditions of your probation, and they’re available to help you with any problems and refer you to community resources for help with dealing with your problems. A probation officer is also responsible to the court and helps protect the community. The probation officer can't excuse you from any of your conditions (such as reporting, making payments, completing community service, drug testing, etc.) — only the court can do that.

Failing to pay fees or restitution

Failing to pay your fees or restitution is a violation of your probation conditions and could cause the court to find you in violation. The court may sentence you to the house of correction or prison.

If you can't pay your fees, some court fees may be converted to community service hours, and you may be allowed to perform community service instead of paying. However, restitution can't be worked off and must be paid. If you're unable to pay, talk to your probation officer to figure out a plan.

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