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Learn about photography services

Discover the types of photography services we provide, view a portfolio of our work, and see how our Mass Digital team can help bring your stories and messages to life.

Our photography services are available to state agencies at competitive rates. Distribute original pictures we shoot for you through your own digital channels, social media, television, and in-person events. Contact us today to learn how we can help you and to get a quote.

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About photography services

Our photography team can assist with getting professional, high quality pictures. Unlike generic stock image services, our team can deliver stunning photos tailored to your organization's needs and public presence. Whether you need images of government buildings and parks, documentation of your events, or even want professional headshots, you can trust our quality and service.

What to know when planning your photography project

Our experienced team is able to:

  • Provide all basic equipment that is necessary for shoots, including cameras and lighting
  • Take high quality photographs with DSLR cameras
  • Edit all raw files into finished, polished, and professional images in your desired format
  • Take professional headshots with varying backgrounds, from clean backdrops, official flags and symbols, or even from windows overlooking the State House

What you should consider when requesting photography services

Every project is different and has unique needs. In general, before requesting our photography services, you should consider:

  • Who your intended audience is
  • What the main messages are that you are trying to convey
  • What your intended timeline is for final project delivery
  • What your agency's budget is
  • What other stakeholders will need to review and approve the content during the creation and revision processes

Portfolio of photography services

Boston Public Garden with statue of George Washington

Boston Public Garden (Laurie Turner)

Government Center

Government Center (Matt Naughton)

Boston Red Line Station

Boston Red Line (George Headley)

Audience at September 2019 User Group Meeting

September 2019 User Group Meeting (Laurie Turner)

Speakers and audience at the January 2020 User Group Meeting

January 2020 User Group Meeting (Laurie Turner)