Learn about the Attorney General's Health Care and Fair Competition Bureau

The Health Care and Fair Competition Bureau coordinates divisions within the Attorney General’s Office that involve the Massachusetts health care sector, charities, and other businesses or organizations.

The Non-Profit Organizations and Public Charities Division

The Non-Profit Organizations and Public Charities Division oversees over 23,000 public charities in Massachusetts to ensure appropriate application of charitable assets, investigate allegations, initiate enforcement actions in cases of breach of duty, and support transparency.

If you have questions about charitable assets, fraudulent solicitation, or unethical behavior by charitable employees, please contact the division by calling (617) 963-2101 or sending an email to charities@state.ma.us.

The False Claims Division

The False Claims Division works to safeguard public funds by enforcing high standards of integrity against companies and individuals that make false statements to obtain government contracts or government funds. Using the Massachusetts False Claims Act, the division conducts civil investigations and prosecutions against companies and individuals who mislead state or municipal entities through false or fraudulent claims, records, or statements.

To report potential fraud or abuse relating to state or municipal contracts or funds, call our tip line at (617) 963-2600.

The Antitrust Division

The Antitrust Division helps maintain and encourage a competitive and vibrant economy through fair and effective enforcement of antitrust laws to protect Massachusetts people, state agencies, and businesses.The division also advocates for competition policy at the state and national level by filing legal briefs in antitrust cases, engaging in policy initiatives, and promoting pro-competitive legislation.

To report anti-competitive mergers, price-fixing agreements, and other illegal practices, or otherwise contact the Division, please call (617) 727-8400.

The Medicaid Fraud Division

The Medicaid Fraud Division investigates and prosecutes health care providers who abuse MassHealth. The division also reviews complaints of abuse, neglect, mistreatment, and financial exploitation of patients in long-term care facilities.

Call our 24-hour Medicaid Fraud tip line at (617) 963-2360 if you have questions related to abuse or neglect committed by a Medicaid provider or long-term care facility.

The Health Care Division

The Health Care Division enforces health care laws to protect the rights of Massachusetts consumers and stop unfair or deceptive practices that may harm consumers. The division also promotes health care efficiency by conducting examinations of health care cost trends and drivers.

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