Learn how to get help with filing for guardianship

Find out if you’re eligible to get free help with filing for guardianship and where you can go for aid.


Free legal help with filing for guardianship is available to people who:

  • Are low-income 
  • Are trying to become the guardian of a child or adult who can't care for themselves
  • Are guardians of child or adult family members and need help with the care plans and annual reports guardians need to fill out and give to the court

Legal help locations

One morning a week, lawyers and law students will be at these courthouses to help people who qualify for legal aid. 

Suffolk County Probate & Family Court, Boston

Middlesex County Probate & Family Court: Lowell and Woburn locations

  • The court clinics provided by the Volunteer Lawyers Project are now working remotely. To sign up for the clinic and gain access to other legal resources in Massachusetts, litigants may call (617) 603-1700 or complete an online intake here. Do not come to your local courthouse to visit the clinic.

In other divisions of the Probate and Family Court, please see the Lawyer for the Day for assistance.

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