Mass. General Laws c.112 § 229

Massage therapists; application for license; renewal

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A person desiring to engage in the practice of massage therapy shall make application upon a form furnished by the board, which application shall be signed and sworn to by the applicant. Each application shall be accompanied by payment of the fee prescribed by the executive office of administration and finance pursuant to section 3B of chapter 7. Upon submission of a completed application to the board and the payment of the required fees, the board may issue a license to practice as a massage therapist to an applicant who satisfies the following minimum qualifications: (1) he shall have obtained a high school diploma or its equivalent; (2) he is 18 years of age or older; (3) he has submitted 2 professional letters of reference, with at least 1 being from an employer or professional in the massage therapy or medical field; (4) he shall be of good moral character as determined by the discretion of the board; (5) he shall have successfully completed a course of study consisting of at least 500 classroom hours or an equivalent number of credit hours of supervised instruction at a licensed massage school; (6) he shall have not been convicted in any jurisdiction of sexually-related crime or a crime involving moral turpitude for the 10 years immediately before the date of application; (7) he shall provide proof of professional liability coverage; and (8) he demonstrates such professional competence as may be required by the board's regulations.


The commissioner of the division of occupational licensure shall determine the renewal cycle and renewal period for massage therapy licenses. Each person licensed in accordance with these sections shall apply to the board for renewal of his license on or before the expiration date, as determined by the commissioner, unless such license was revoked, suspended or canceled earlier by the board as a result of a disciplinary proceeding instituted pursuant to this chapter. Applications for renewal shall be made on forms approved by the board and accompanied by payment of a renewal fee, as prescribed by the executive office of administration and finance pursuant to section 3B of chapter 7, which fee shall not be less than $100.


As a condition for renewal of his license, each licensed massage therapist shall furnish the board with satisfactory proof that: (1) he shall not have been convicted in any jurisdiction of a sexually-related crime or a crime involving moral turpitude since the original application for licensure; (2) he shall have professional liability coverage; and (3) he shall have completed such continuing education regarding massage therapy and business practices reflecting acceptable national standards, as reviewed and approved by the board. Upon satisfactory compliance with the licensing requirements for massage therapists and successful completion of the continuing education requirements, the board shall issue a renewal license showing that the holder is entitled to be licensed for the renewal period. The board may provide for the late renewal of a license which has lapsed and may require payment of a late fee. All licensing and application fees collected pursuant to sections 227 to 235, inclusive, shall be deposited into the trust fund established in section 35V of chapter 10.

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