Mass. General Laws c.137 § 3

Validity of notes, bills, bonds, mortgages, securities or conveyances won by gaming

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Section 3

Notes, bills, bonds, mortgages or other securities or conveyances the whole or part of the consideration of which is money or goods won by gaming or playing at cards, dice or any other game, or by betting on the sides or hands of persons gaming, or for repaying or reimbursing money knowingly lent or advanced for gaming or betting, but not including gaming conducted pursuant to chapter 23K or sports wagering conducted pursuant to chapter 23N, or lent and advanced at the time and place of such gaming or betting to a person so gaming or betting, shall be void as between the parties thereto, and as to all persons except such as hold or claim under them in good faith and without notice of the illegality of the consideration.

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Last updated: August 10, 2022

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