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Mass. General Laws c.276B § 2

Voluntary participation in community-based restorative justice program by juvenile and adult defendants; disposition of case upon completion

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Added by St.2018, c. 69, § 202, effective April 13, 2018

Section 2

Participation in a community-based restorative justice program shall be voluntary and may be available to both a juvenile and adult defendant. A juvenile or adult defendant may be diverted to a community-based restorative justice program pre-arraignment or at any stage of a case with the consent of the district attorney and the victim. Restorative justice may be a final case disposition, with judicial approval. If a juvenile or adult defendant successfully completes the community-based restorative justice program, the charge shall be dismissed. If a juvenile or adult defendant does not successfully complete the program or is found to be in violation of program requirements, the case shall be returned to the court in which the defendant was arraigned in order to commence with proceedings. Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to prohibit pre-arraignment law enforcement based programs and other programs.



Within Massachusetts only

Within Massachusetts only


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