Massachusetts Healthy Incentives Program (HIP) Frequently Asked Questions

Program basics and frequently asked questions

What is HIP?

HIP puts money back on your EBT card* when you use SNAP to buy healthy, local fruits and vegetables from HIP farm vendors.

*up to a monthly cap of $40, $60, or $80

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How do I sign up for HIP?

There is no special sign-up for HIP. If you live in Massachusetts and get SNAP benefits, your household is automatically able to participate in HIP.

Learn more about SNAP benefits.

What do I need to know before I use HIP?

  • Make sure you have SNAP benefits left on your EBT card. If your SNAP balance is zero, you will not be able to use HIP until you have SNAP benefits available again.
  • HIP will put the SNAP dollars you spend on HIP produce back onto your EBT card instantly. Once the money has been put back on your EBT card, you can spend it at any SNAP retailer like always.
  • Only certain vendors process HIP.
  • Each type of vendor may process HIP a little differently.

What kind of vendors process HIP?

You can earn HIP incentives at participating:

  • Farmers’ markets (where some or all vendors may participate in HIP)
  • Farm stands
  • Mobile markets
  • Community supported agriculture (CSA) farm share programs

Traditional grocery stores or convenience stores do not participate in HIP.

How do I find a HIP vendor near me?

Visit to search for HIP vendors near you. You can search by month, day of week open or “open today”. You can also search by city, county or device geolocation (“my location”). You will be able to see what order options vendors have, including availability of curbside pickup and delivery.

Learn how to use the map on a mobile device in English and Spanish and a desktop computer in English and Spanish.

How do I know how much HIP I can use for the month?

First, look at your household’s monthly HIP cap. Your HIP monthly cap is based on your household size.

Household Size HIP Monthly Cap
1-2 persons $40
3-5 persons $60
6+ persons $80

Check how much HIP you have already used for the month by:

  • Calling the EBT customer service line at (800) 997-2555 (the number on the back of your EBT card), OR
  • Checking your receipt after a HIP purchase to see “HIP Earned MTD” (month to date).

Then, subtract how much HIP you have used from your monthly HIP cap to find out how much HIP you can still use for that month.

Note: You can still use your full monthly HIP cap even if you receive less than that amount in SNAP. Just make sure you have SNAP benefits left on your EBT card so you can make your purchase. See How to Use HIP for more details.

When do I get HIP?

Your monthly HIP cap starts over on the first of each month, regardless of when you get your SNAP benefits.

If you have SNAP benefits left on your EBT card on the first of the month, you can start using your HIP for the month right away. If your SNAP balance is zero, you will not be able to use HIP until you have SNAP benefits available again.

Does HIP roll over?

No. Your monthly cap is always $40, $60, or $80, depending on your SNAP household size. If you do not use the full monthly HIP cap for your household size, you will not have extra HIP to use the following month.

Why does the EBT customer service line say my HIP amount is zero?

The HIP amount tracks how much HIP you have used. If you actively receive SNAP and your HIP amount is zero, you have not yet used HIP for the month. Your full monthly cap is still available to you.

What food is eligible for HIP?

Any variety of fruits and vegetables sold by HIP vendors are eligible for HIP, as long as they do not contain added salt, sugar, fat or oil.

Eligible HIP products include fruits and vegetables that are:

  • Fresh
  • Canned
  • Dried
  • Frozen
  • In seed/seedling form ​​

See HIP Eligible Foods for examples of HIP and non-HIP eligible foods.

How do I get the most out of my HIP incentive?

Get the most from SNAP by buying HIP fruits and vegetables when you first get your monthly benefits! You can use the money HIP puts back on your EBT card right away or save it for another shopping trip. It can be spent at any retailer that accepts SNAP.

Your monthly HIP cap starts over on the first day of each month. When your cap has been reached, you can still use SNAP to buy fruits, vegetables, and other products from a farm or other SNAP retailer. However, HIP will no longer replace the SNAP you spend.


HIP puts money back on your EBT card when you spend SNAP on HIP-eligible produce. If your SNAP balance is $0, you will not be able to make a SNAP purchase, so you will not be able to use HIP. You must have a SNAP balance on your EBT card to use HIP.

How do I use my HIP incentive at different types of vendors?

Make sure you have SNAP benefits left on your EBT card. 

Follow the steps below. It’s easy to use HIP. You do not have to use all your HIP at once. You can make small purchases or large ones.

HIP shopping in person

  1. Find a participating HIP vendor who offers shopping in person near you. This could be at a farmers’ market, farm stand, or mobile market.
  2. Visit the vendor. Make sure they process HIP.
  3. Choose the fruits and vegetables you want to buy and swipe your EBT card to pay.
  4. The vendor will charge you in SNAP and enter the amount that is eligible for HIP.
  5. The amount eligible for HIP will immediately be put back onto your EBT card, replacing the SNAP you spent (up to your monthly HIP cap).
  6. If HIP money replaced the full amount you spent in SNAP, your receipt will show that your SNAP balance is still the same – as if you hadn’t spent anything at all.
  7. The receipt will also show the amount of HIP you have used, both in this transaction and for the entire month so far. Keep track of this amount so you know when you have used up your HIP for the month.


You have $50 in your SNAP balance. A HIP vendor charges you $10 in SNAP for tomatoes and strawberries. The $10 you spend in SNAP is instantly replaced on your EBT card. Your receipt will show that your SNAP balance is still $50 and that you have used $10 of HIP toward your monthly cap.


You have only $5 in your SNAP balance. You want to buy $10 in spinach and bok choy. A HIP vendor charges you $5 in SNAP. The $5 you spend in SNAP is instantly put back on your EBT card. Then the HIP vendor will charge you $5 in SNAP again. This $5 is also instantly put back on your EBT card. Your receipt will show that your SNAP balance is still $5 and that you have used $10 of HIP toward your monthly cap.

Notes on using HIP at farmers’ markets

At most farmers’ markets, HIP vendors will process HIP directly at their booth. Make sure the vendor you buy from can process HIP! Not all farms participate in HIP, even at the same farmers’ market. Look for a sign with a HIP logo, or ask the vendor to be sure.

At some farmers’ markets, the market will process HIP in a central location. At these markets, you can use your HIP on purchases from all farm vendors who sell produce. Here’s how this works:

  1. Choose the fruits and vegetables you want to buy from a farmer’s booth. 
  2. When you go to pay, the farmer will send you to a centralized market manager’s booth to pay. 
  3. The market manager will swipe your card and give you a receipt that shows you how much SNAP you have spent and how much HIP you have used toward your monthly cap.
  4. Take your receipt back to the farmer as proof of payment. 
  5. The farmer will then give you your produce.

Find HIP farmers' market booths and HIP farmers markets.

HIP shopping via delivery and curbside pickup

Some participating HIP vendors offer delivery to your door or curbside pickup at their location. You can place an order ahead of time by calling, filling out a form on their website, or making other arrangements with the vendor. Find vendors who offer delivery or curbside pickup.

You must be present at the time of delivery or curbside pickup to swipe your EBT card and pay for your purchase (unless your purchase is a CSA farm share, for which payment is transacted automatically). Never give out your EBT card number or PIN over the phone or online.

HIP shopping through CSA farm shares

HIP CSA farm shares are a way for you to buy a weekly basket of HIP-eligible produce via an automatic, monthly SNAP payment. To use HIP for a farm share at a participating CSA farm:

  1. Find a HIP CSA farm
  2. Contact the farmer to ensure they are currently enrolling participants in their HIP CSA.
  3. The farm will provide you with a SNAP Membership Agreement to complete. 
  4. You will sign the agreement to authorize DTA to withdraw a set amount from your SNAP account each month automatically.
  5. Payments will be sent to the farm automatically on the day you receive your SNAP benefit. HIP will instantly replace the amount you spent in SNAP, up to your monthly HIP cap. 
  6. In exchange, you will pick up your “farm share” of produce during the CSA season, typically weekly, at the scheduled time and place. Some farms may make arrangements to deliver directly to you.
  7. No EBT transaction is required in person, because you have already paid for the produce.
  8. If at any time you wish to cancel your CSA agreement, contact the DTA Assistance Line or the farm to fill out a Cancellation Form.

Can I get a HIP refund?

HIP purchases cannot be refunded. However, the vendor can provide you with an exchange of HIP-eligible produce for equal value.

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