Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program (MRVP)

All MRVP waiting lists are now open!

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Program Description and Information

MRVP provides a permanent improvement in the lives of low-income families and individuals by offering both tenant and project-based rental subsidies to those eligible for the program. The tenant-based voucher, which is also known as a mobile voucher, is assigned to the participant and is valid for any housing unit that meets the standards of the state sanitary code. Project Based vouchers are assigned to a specific housing unit or development. The owner rents these units to a program eligible tenant, who receive the subsidy for all as they continue to live in the unit. 

MRVP mobile and project-based waiting lists are now open in CHAMP! See below for more application information.


For further information:

For MRVP questions, click here or watch our virtual presentation on YouTube


For general questions, please contact the Division of Rental Assistance at (617) 573-1100 ext. 4


How it works:

For the mobile (tenant-based) vouchers, the voucher will not pay more than the payment standard. The payment standard is determined by household size and geography. The participant pays 30% of their net monthly income towards rent.  Most mobile vouchers are offered to eligible applicants on local waiting lists which can be quite lengthy due to the great demand.

For project-based vouchers, a participant pays 30% of their net monthly income towards rent, and the voucher pays the remainder of the rent. Some local housing agencies maintain waiting lists and you can apply in CHAMP Interested applicants can also find opportunities on the Housing Navigator Massachusetts webpage.

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Who is eligible?

The income limit at initial eligibility for MRVP is 80% of Area Median Income. In addition to verifying other eligibility requirements, the housing agency will also screen for CORI prior to admitting an applicant to the program.


Application process:

You can now apply for MRVP in CHAMP! All waiting lists are open. All project-based waiting lists controlled by a housing agency are also open.

If you have questions about CHAMP, please click here or contact your local housing agency.

You may also apply using a paper application linked below. Paper applications can be returned to any housing agency. Click here to find your local housing agency.

MRVP Application - English

MRVP Application (Spanish) - Solicitud para el Programa de Vales de Alquiler de Massachusetts (MRVP)


MRVP Notices

MRVP Applicable Payment Standards Effective March 1, 2024

Maximum MRVP Project-Based Rents

MRVP Security Deposit Program

MRVP Income Limits

MRVP Applicable Payment Standards Effective January 1, 2023

MRVP Utility Allowances Effective January 1, 2023

MRVP Administrative Plan 2017(August) 

Full Lifting of MRVP Voucher Re-Issuance Freeze

Non-Discrimination in State Rental Assistance Programs

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