MassGIS Data: Fire Stations

December 2015

The Fire Stations layer shows the point locations of 789 Fire stations in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) GIS Program in cooperation with the Regional Planning Agencies and participating communities created the data as part of the development of Homeland Security Data Layers.

The layer is named FIRESTATIONS_PT_MEMA


The MEMA GIS Program received a fire department list from the Department of Fire Services, Executive Office of Public Safety and created a dataset by geocoding the tabular data in ArcMap 8.3. Building locations were refined using ortho imagery. The Boston area was updated based on NOAA data. Data were combined with data from various regional planning agencies. The combined layer was distributed to regional planning agencies for a location accuracy check and updates for Pre-Disaster Mitigation grants or Homeland Security Council funded project. Locations were checked for building accuracy, completeness and attribute accuracy. A final review and check were conducted by MEMA and MassGIS.


The layer's point attribute table contains the following fields:

NAME Fire department name
OFFICE Office or branch name
ADDRESS Station address
CITY Station municipality
STATE Station state (all "MA")
ZIP Station ZIP Code
L_SRC Location source
SOURCE Attribute source
L_DATE Location date


MEMA will provide any updates to MassGIS.

A new shapefile was posted on October 15, 2012, with Brockton station #3 moved to its correct location with a modified address. Another update was posted on August 17, 2015, with new data for Belmont's stations. On August 18, 2015, Great Barrington's headquarter's point was moved to its new location based on information from the town. On November 30, 2015, the inactive South Gardner Fire Station was removed. On December 2, 2015, points in Holbrook and Whately were moved based on current information on the towns' websites.