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MassGIS Data: Surficial Geology (1:24,000) Status Index

August 2015

This layer stores the status of the Surficial Geology (1:24,000) data development project.

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This layer stores the status of the Surficial Geology (1:24,000) data development project. Tiles, named "A" through "J", comprise U.S. Geological Survey 7.5-minute topographic quadrangle sheets and represent the units by which USGS develops and distributes the data.

The layer is named SURFGEO24KSTATUS_POLY.

See the Surficial Geology (1:24,000) Status Map


A polygon layer was created by coding the Quadrangle Template and dissolving it by tile name ("A" through "J").


The layer's polygon attribute table has the following fields:

Field Name Description
SG_AREA Tile name, "A" through "J"
SG_AVAIL Availability of 1:24,000 surficial geology data for this tile.
"Y" for yes, "N" for no


MassGIS maintains this layer and will update the SG_AVAIL field as new geology data become available from the USGS. The most recent update was for the addition of Area "I" in August 2015.

Date published: August 19, 2005
Last updated: August 19, 2005