author and editor services is the main web publishing platform for state organizations. Learn how to get access to the platform, and how to get help from Massachusetts Digital Service.

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The web platform is easy to use. It gives non-technical staff a forum to publish agency content that’s user-friendly and accessible to visitors on any device. 

Authors and editors on the platform have access to useful tools, including form builders and analytics. Mass Digital also offers technical and content support, help with digital strategy, and guidance for using the tools that come with the platform.  

What's included in a subscription

Organizations that are part of the web platform can focus on creating the best content possible while the team takes care of hosting, accessibility, search engine optimization, and management of the technology behind the website. You’ll also have access to web analytics dashboards to help report on how visitors interact with your pages, and a simple user interface to explore and download verbatim constituent feedback.  

 In addition, you can request access to and use:  

  • Formstack: Drag-and-drop interface for building web forms  
  • Google Analytics & Google Data Studio: Web analytics and data visualization tools  
  • Siteimprove: Content monitoring tools  
  • The image library: Stock photos for enhancing web content   

The CMS and Knowledge Base

The content management system (CMS) provides an intuitive and flexible way to publish information that's easy for your audience to find and use. The Knowledge Base helps you learn the CMS at your own pace, with options to get additional help from the team when needed. 

In the Knowledge Base you’ll find: 

  • Training videos on CMS basics 
  • Style guide and writing tips 
  • Step-by-step guides to different page templates 
  • Best practices for documents, images, and video 
  • Content improvement tools 

Getting on or getting help



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