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MassGrown Exchange

A business to business platform that assists farmers, fishers, food buyers, and ag-related businesses to connect, exchange, and find products and services.
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The MassGrown Exchange platform is a tool for businesses looking to sell, donate or purchase Massachusetts crops, seafood, products and services, which includes:

  1. Farmers, fishers, specialty food producers with wholesale products to sell to restaurants, grocery stores, and other outlets.
  2. Buyers (including supermarkets, institutions, schools, food banks, restaurants, and retail outlets) looking for local food products.
  3. Farmers, fishers, specialty food producers searching for equipment or services, such as storage, distribution.
  4. Service and equipment providers working with businesses in the food system.

Key Features:

  1. Simple registration process: Buyers and suppliers are only required to register when adding a listing. Registration is not required to browse listings. 
  2. Business can act as buyer and supplier: a business can act as a buyer and a supplier, depending on whether they are looking for, or looking to provide a product or service.
  3. User notifications: This feature eliminates the need for businesses to re-visit the site to check for new listings. A business may enable alerts by creating listings or by selecting alert categories when registering. The system automatically notifies a business when the product/service becomes available. 
  4. Automatic Listing Expiration: Listings expire after an end date specified by the user. A notification is sent with the option to remove or extend the listing.

Potential sellers and buyers are encouraged to register your business and start listing products and services today!  

We encourage you to explore the MassGrown Exchange and watch the demonstration video for a tour of the platform.

For more information or questions, contact Richard LeBlanc at MDAR: Richard.LeBlanc@mass.gov, or Rebecca.Davidson@mass.gov. For technical issues, contact Joao.Tavares@mass.gov.

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