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MassHealth Member Advisory Committee (MAC)

MassHealth is excited to announce the formation of a new MassHealth Member Advisory Committee (MAC) in 2024.

Please check back here frequently as updates about the MAC will be posted as they become available.

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MassHealth is committed to working with MassHealth members to understand their experiences with the MassHealth program, address inequities, and eliminate disparities in health and healthcare. 

Member engagement is a key part of achieving MassHealth’s goals and a core value of the agency in implementing programs and policies. 

As part of this work, MassHealth is excited to announce the formation of a new MassHealth Member Advisory Committee (MAC) in 2024. 

What is the MAC?

The MAC will be a committee made up of about 15 to 30 current or previous MassHealth members.

MAC membership will reflect the diversity of the communities MassHealth serves. MAC membership may also include guardians, family members, or caregivers of current or previous MassHealth members.

The MAC will meet regularly with MassHealth staff. The meeting schedule is yet to be determined.

Accommodations and other supports (including interpreter services) will be available to MAC participants.

Goals of the MAC

MassHealth hopes to engage more with MassHealth members to:

  • understand members’ experiences with the MassHealth program,
  • learn more about members’ priorities, and
  • work together in developing and implementing programs and policies that ultimately improve quality and access to care.

MAC members and MassHealth will co-develop additional goals for the MAC.

Other state Medicaid programs are working to develop similar committees. We include examples of other state Medicaid member committees in the Resources section below.

Next Steps

The MAC is currently in an initial planning phase.

MassHealth is partnering with Collective Insight to help launch the MAC. Collective Insight is a Massachusetts woman-owned small business which supports inclusion of diverse communities to improve programs.

  • Collective Insight will be supporting the MAC development and implementation, including management of outreach planning and community input.
  • Collective Insight is looking for community input to:
    • create and review MAC outreach and application materials,
    • get the word out about the MAC,
    • share the MAC application within your communities (when available),
    • encourage members from diverse backgrounds to apply (when available), and
    • discuss suggestions to make the MAC successful.

How to Get Involved

Please fill out this form to learn more. If you prefer, you may contact Haylee, from Collective Insight, at (774) 257-4194 or Haylee@collectinsight.com.

Or, just share the MAC One Page Overview flyer with your networks!

Alternate formats and languages of the MAC One Page Overview flyer can be found below.


Additional Resources


States such as Arkansas, California, Colorado, North Dakota, and Virginia have their own version of member advisory committees for their Medicaid programs.

You can learn more about the Medicaid member advisory committees in these states by following the links below:

Arkansas: Medicaid Client Voice Council - Arkansas Department of Human Services 

California: DHCS-Medi-Cal-Member-Advisory-Committee 

Colorado: Member Experience Advisory Councils - Health First Colorado 

North Dakota: Medicaid Member Engagement Committee (MMEC) | Health and Human Services North Dakota 

Virginia: Medicaid Member Advisory Committee | CoverVA (virginia.gov) 

Date published: April 16, 2024

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