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MassHire Rapid Response layoff management and outplacement services

When businesses must lay off employees, calling the MassHire Rapid Response Team can reduce the cost of layoffs and help employees. Layoff management and outplacement services for employers are available in all phases of the business cycle.
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How the Rapid Response Process Works

Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, the MassHire Rapid Response team is here to assist with workforce reductions. From individual departments to entire worksites, we provide tailored support to navigate these transitions seamlessly.

When we become aware of a layoff or closure, we promptly:

  1. Reach out to company officials to schedule a meeting and establish a productive partnership; and
  2. Provide comprehensive information about our available services; and
  3. Collaborate with you to plan the implementation of these services at your organization.

We prioritize your convenience by scheduling meetings and services based on the results of our brief company survey and your specific operational needs.

Support Services for Impacted Employees

After establishing your company's reemployment services schedule, we meet with your employees to:

  • Inform them about their eligibility and benefits as laid-off workers.
  • Address their inquiries regarding job search and unemployment insurance.
  • Register and guide them to MassHire Career Centers.
  • Conduct a needs survey (e.g., retraining, upskilling).
  • Introduce them to the content and timelines of MassHire Rapid Response services.
  • Provide personalized job-readiness workshops.

If you're an impacted employee, please visit our website for additional resources.

We actively advocate for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Dislocated Worker Program to local businesses in your industry. We regularly share current job opportunities at employee meetings and collaborate with businesses to secure new positions for employees before layoffs.

Based partly on employee survey data, our team offers one-on-one meetings to discuss individual needs, provide resume critiques, conduct mock interviews, and devise tailored action plans. These confidential sessions allow employees to address matters they may not be comfortable discussing in a group.

Additional services for unionized workers

Union members employees receive additional support through the Massachusetts AFL-CIO Rapid Response Team, working in collaboration with the MassHire Rapid Response team. Together, we offer job leads, training options, job counseling, and other MassHire Rapid Response services during employee meetings, workshops, and union gatherings.

Additional Resources

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