Municipal Financial Management Training and Resources

Training materials and resources for people interested in municipal finance and financial management.

Table of Contents

Municipal Finance for New Officials

Municipal Finance Concepts

Capital Planning


Webinar: Next Steps in Financial Forecasting: This DLS-hosted webinar highlighted how a forecast enables the user to play “What If”, examine and project revenue streams, use varying assumptions, analyze the potential cost implications in the current and following years, and develop reasonable budget options in the best interest of the community.

Introduction to Forecasting (Video) 

The Importance of Revenue & Expenditure Forecasting (PDF) 

Cash Flow Forecasting and Short-Term Borrowing (PDF) 

Guidance from DLS

Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) Liability Trust Fund (IGR2019-10, PDF)  This Informational Guideline Release (IGR) explains the municipal finance provisions of the Other Post-employment Benefits Liability Trust Fund (OPEB Fund) under G.L. c. 32B, § 20 and 20A, as amended by Sections 15 and 238 of the Municipal Modernization Act.

Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) Liability Trust Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (PDF) 

Guidelines: Municipal Finance Provisions of the Community Preservation Act (CPA) (IGR2019-14, PDF)  This Informational Guideline Release (IGR) explains to local officials the procedures and requirements for establishing and administering a special fund that may be appropriated and spent for certain open space, recreational, historic resource and affordable housing purposes.

Guidelines: Appropriation Transfers (IGR2017-13, PDF)  This Informational Guideline Release (IGR) informs local officials of changes made by the Municipal Modernization Act to the alternative end-of-year budget transfer procedure.

Stabilization Funds (IGR2017-20, PDF)  These guidelines inform local officials about amendments made to G.L. c. 40, § 5B, which establishes city, town and district stabilization funds, by the Municipal Modernization Act.

Departmental Revolving Funds (BUL2017-1B, PDF) 

Transportation Network Company Per-Ride Assessment Distribution (LFO2018-1, PDF) 

Best Practices in Municipal Finance

Using Financial Indicators to Analyze Fiscal Health

View the videos below to learn how local financial and demographic data can be used to indicate the status of a municipality’s fiscal health. This analysis can be helpful during the budget preparation process to build a clearer picture of financial trends and how your community arrived at its present financial condition.

Download the companion workbook, Financial Indicators Template (Excel), to analyze your own community's data.


Tools and Templates

Date published: July 30, 2020
Last updated: February 18, 2021