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Net metering laws and regulations

Find the Massachusetts general laws, legislative session laws, and regulations related to net metering.

Table of Contents

Massachusetts general laws

Legislative session laws

Department of Public Utilities regulations

Net metering pre-green communities act of 2008

  • D.P.U./D.T.E. 96-100, at 22-23  (1997)
    • With the restructuring of the electric industry in Massachusetts, eligibility for net metering was increased from 30 kW to 60 kW.
  • D.P.U. 535, at 11-12 (July 23, 1981)
    • To implement the Public Utility Regulatory Policy Act (PURPA), customers with generating facilities less than 30 kW were permitted to run their meter “backwards.” This was the earliest form of net metering in Massachusetts.



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