Obtaining and using TPOXX

Information for Massachusetts providers on obtaining and using TPOXX for treating patients infected with mpox (formerly called monkeypox)

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What you need to know

Massachusetts providers who wish to receive TPOXX in order to treat their patients may do so through this website. Note that laboratory confirmation of the diagnosis is not required prior to administration.   

To receive TPOXX providers need to: 

  • Attest to compliance with all requirements from the CDC, FDA, and DPH  

  • Complete the Registration Form linked below 

  • Report required information to DPH weekly about aggregate doses administered and doses on hand and complete disease follow-up reporting on each case 

Please review the information provided by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding the Expanded Access Investigational New Drug (EA-IND):

Information from the Drug Control Program regarding Massachusetts Controlled Substance Registration and guidance for sites without an on-site pharmacy can be found on Circular Letter: DCP-22-08-114 (DOCX).

To look up TPOXX lot numbers and expiration dates, visit Vaccines and Treatment on HHS.gov.

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