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Ocean Science Advisory Council

Find an overview of this council charged with assisting the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs with ocean plan development.

The Ocean Science Advisory Council (SAC) is made up of nine scientists with expertise in the marine sciences and data management assembled to assist the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs in the science and technical aspects of developing and implementing the Massachusetts Ocean Management Plan. The SAC assists with: reviewing data sources and identifying other viable data, assisting in the development of the Baseline Assessment and characterization of the Massachusetts Ocean Management Planning Area, identifying "big picture" questions to improve understanding of the natural systems and/or human uses and influences, and helping to formulate a long-term strategy for addressing information gaps.

SAC Members

  • Walter Barnhardt, U.S. Geological Survey Woods Hole Science Center
  • Priscilla Brooks, Conservation Law Foundation
  • Todd Callaghan, Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management
  • John Duff, University of Massachusetts Boston, School for the Environment
  • Mark Rousseau, Division of Marine Fisheries, Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game
  • Carlton Hunt, (formerly) Battelle Memorial Institute
  • Private/Nonprofit, vacant
  • Steve Lohrenz, University of Massachusetts School for Marine Science and Technology
  • Jonathan Grabowski, Massachusetts Fishermen's Partnership

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