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The Chapter 30B Manual: Procuring Supplies, Services and Real Property, 9th Edition, May 2023

The Chapter 30B Manual contains information about procurement requirements and recommendations. Chapter 30B establishes procedures to follow for most agreements for acquisitions of supplies and services, dispositions of surplus supplies, and real property acquisitions and dispositions by local governmental bodies. 

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Designing and Constructing Public Facilities, September 2021

The Designing and Constructing Public Facilities Manual contains information about requirements and recommendations for awarding construction project contracts. Massachusetts awarding authorities are responsible for a variety of construction projects, including schools, police and fire stations, roads, bridges, and wastewater treatment plants.

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Charts on Procurement Procedures Effective November 25, 2022

The OIG created the procurement charts as a guide on public procurement procedures that must be followed pursuant to the Massachusetts General Laws. The OIG updated the procurement charts to include information on 2022 changes to the Uniform Procurement Act, also known as Chapter 30B. The charts supersede the November 2018 charts. Your jurisdiction may establish stricter or additional requirements that you must follow. Contact your chief procurement officer or legal counsel for advice on your jurisdiction's rules and procurement procedures.

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Guide for Members of Public Boards and Commissions

This guide outlines practices, such as upholding fiduciary principles, that will help board members understand their obligations and perform their duties effectively. The guide also provides an overview of the laws that apply to board members, including those relating to board meetings, official communications and individual conduct.

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Model Designer Selection Procedures for Municipalities and Other Local Public Agencies

The Designer Selection Law requires municipalities and other local public agencies to adopt written designer selection procedures, which must be used when contracting for design services for any building construction, reconstruction, alteration, remodeling or repair project that has an estimated design fee of $30,000 or more and an estimated construction cost of $300,000 or more.

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The OIG's Guide to American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Resources

The OIG has compiled rules and resources related to the American Rescue Plan Act from our Office, the federal government, other state agencies and private organizations.

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Audit Services Update

This guide is a revised version of A Local Official's Guide to Procuring and Administering Audit Services issued in May 2004. The update provides further guidance on the procurement rules related to hiring Certified Public Accountants.

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Banking Services Procurement Guide for Local Government Treasurers

This guide was issued to help local officials understand the procurement rules for obtaining banking services. These procurement rules are listed in Massachusetts General Law Chapter 30B, the Uniform Procurement Act.

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Code of Conduct for Public Employees

The Office of the Inspector General has developed a Code of Conduct for Public Employees, which sets standards of conduct for public employees engaged in official business relationships. We recommend that public jurisdictions adopt the Code to preserve the integrity of business relationships and to maintain the highest level of public confidence in the impartial operation of government.

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Code of Conduct for Consultants on Public Building Projects

The OIG recommends that public agencies require consultants and key subconsultants assigned to public building projects to comply with this Code of Conduct by incorporating this Code of Conduct by references into their contracts.

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Computer Usage Policies

This advisory helps local officials understand the importance of appropriate computer usage policies for government-owned or operated computers. 

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Drafting Effective IFBs & RFPs for Supplies & Services

This guide provides information on writing and organizing good, clear invitations for bids (IFBs) and requests for proposals (RFPs) for supplies and services contracts. The guide includes general tips, a model IFB, and instructions on how to modify that model to create an RFP. Useful sample language and sample forms have been included. 

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Disability Placard Flyer

OIG investigations have led to increased protections against the misuse of disabled persons' parking placards (parking placards). We encourage you to circulate flyers and post them in appropriate areas to help increase the awareness of the laws surrounding the abuse of parking placards. 

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Energy Broker Services

The Office reviewed the relationships between public awarding authorities and the energy professionals those entities pay to assist with the purchase of electricity and natural gas for public facilities. In conducting this review, the Office found that many public awarding authorities are not employing a competitive process to procure energy professionals, are failing to adequately monitor payment to energy professionals, and are automatically renewing contracts with energy professionals without an adequate assessment of the services provided.  As a result, the Office made numerous recommendations, including that public awarding authorities use a competitive process to procure energy professionals, keep detailed records of services performed by and payments made to these professionals, and attempt to negotiate the rate at which these professionals are paid.

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Energy Efficiency and Conservation Consulting Services: Follow-up Advisory

The Office of the Inspector General issued this advisory to school districts and other entities that are considering procuring the services of energy efficiency and conservation consultants.  The Office recommends that it is in your best interests to ensure that the promises of savings be verifiable.

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Energy Management/Conservation Services

This advisory assists school districts in procuring energy efficiency and conservation consultants. These consultants assist in reducing energy costs through education, training, or other methods that do not involve the purchase or retrofit of equipment, fixtures, or other assets.

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eProcurement: Chapter 30B & Online Auctions

This advisory provides guidance on disposing of surplus supplies through online auctions while complying with Massachusetts General Law Chapter 30B, the Uniform Procurement Act. 

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Fraud Alert

This alert provides simple tips on how to identify bogus invoices and report fraudsters to the proper authorities.

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Fraud Prevention Programs

This guide explains the importance of developing comprehensive fraud prevention policies and programs.

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Fuel Management Advisory

This advisory was issued to assist municipalities in preventing and detecting fraud, waste, and abuse in the use of fuel for motor vehicle fleets. The advisory reviews municipal fuel management systems and audits and findings from around the nation.

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Golf Course Management Contracts

This advisory is based on a review of contracts pertaining to the 63 municipal golf courses in the Commonwealth. The Office reviewed whether municipalities were operating golf courses using sound business practices and receiving a fair share of golf course revenue.

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Insurance Consultants Must Be Licensed

This advisory was issued to provide information on hiring insurance consultants, including that insurance consultants must be licensed and free from financial ties with insurance brokers.

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School Bus Bid Pricing Forms & Sample Fuel Adjustment Clauses

Sample school bus bid forms and sample fuel adjustment clauses.

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Snow-Related Procurements

This advisory contains guidance on procuring services relating to snow hauling and procuring snow and ice-control supplies. It clarifies that snow plowing is exempt from Chapter 30B, but snow hauling is not.

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Telephone Usage Policies

This advisory helps local officials understand the importance of usage policies for government-owned land line and cellular telephones. 

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Travel Policies

The purpose of this guide is to help public officials write effective travel policies and to assist public employees in complying with established travel policies.

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Vehicle Management Policies

This guide is a resource for municipalities that need to develop policies for fleet administration or who wish to re-examine their current policies.

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