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Orange WMA

Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) are open to the public for fishing, hunting, trapping, hiking, and wildlife viewing.

Town: Orange
Acreage: 559
Wildlife Management Zone: 5


This property features a 113 acre wetland surrounded by mature upland forest composed of transitional hardwoods (maple, oak, beech, birch) mixed with white pine and hemlock. Numerous Wildlife Conservation Easement (WCE) properties surround this WMA for increased public access opportunities. Wood duck boxes are maintained annually in the wetlands.

Location, access, & parking

This property can be accessed from North Main Street, Pine Hill Road, and through abutting WCE lands. A dirt parking lot on Pine Hill Road can accommodate four vehicles and a small dirt parking area on North Main Street can accommodate 1-2 vehicles. Parking areas are not maintained in winter. See WMA map.

Note: WMAs are intentionally wild, visitors will find natural landscapes rather than maintained trails.

Hunting opportunities

The large wetland on the WMA provides opportunities for waterfowl hunting and trapping aquatic furbearers. The surrounding forestland provides hunting opportunities for black bear, white-tailed deer, squirrel, bobcat, eastern coyote, fox, and raccoon.

Hunting regulations 

Fishing opportunities

The large wetland off of North Main Street provides fishing opportunities for warmwater fisheries species and can be accessed with a canoe or kayak.

Freshwater fishing regulations

Wildlife viewing & other features

Excellent bird watching opportunities exist for waterfowl like hooded mergansers and wood ducks. Great blue herons often nest on the standing dead trees in the wetlands.

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About Wildlife Management Areas

MassWildlife owns and manages over 220,000 acres of land to conserve fish and wildlife habitats and provide access for outdoor recreation. All WMAs are open to hunting, fishing, trapping, and other outdoor recreation activities. Visit the MassWildlife Lands Viewer for an interactive map of MassWildlife properties.

You can support land protection in Massachusetts. Contributions to the Wildlands Fund help pay for the cost of acquiring wildlife habitat. Learn more about the Wildlands Fund

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