Pedestrian Plan

The Pedestrian Transportation Plan is the State’s roadmap to make walking a safe, comfortable, and convenient option for short trips for all people.


  •  Bicycle and Pedestrian Update - 2021 - MassDOT is committed to making walking and biking a safe, comfortable, and convenient option for everyday trips. This update highlights investments MassDOT has made since releasing its Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plans in 2019 and planned future investments for advancing walking and biking in the Commonwealth.

  • 2019 Statewide Pedestrian Transportation Plan - Learn about how and why the State is working to increase the percentage of short trips made by walking, and eliminate pedestrian fatalities and serious injuries at the same time. We are all pedestrians at some point on our daily travels – we walk to get to school or work, to our cars and to transit, or simply crossing the street to get a store. This Plan defines a pedestrian as anyone travelling on foot or who uses a wheelchair, cane or other assisted mobility device.
  • 2019 Municipal Resource Guide for Walkability - As part of the Pedestrian Plan, MassDOT developed the Resource Guide in recognition of the important role the 351 cities and towns in Massachusetts will play. Created for municipal staff, elected officials, community members, and anyone interested in walking, the Resource Guide introduces core concepts to enhance community walkability and directs readers to additional resources for more detailed information.

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