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Learn about the types of emergencies and response plans. Find the emergency contacts for the Pittsfield State Office Building.

About fire and emergency response plans

The DCAMM Security Department establishes fire and emergency response plans, including evacuation plans and procedures. The Security Department also organizes evacuation teams, which are set up by either Agency or floor to function as organizers to facilitate the safe evacuation of those who work in or visit DCAMM facilities. Evacuation teams, which are picked by DCAMM, consist of a Team Leader, Assistant Team Leader, Area Monitor, Stairwell Monitor, and Special Assistance Monitor. Evacuation Team Leaders (ETLs) provide team profile information (number of team members, evacuation routes, number of persons requiring assistance, etc.), which DCAMM maintains and distributes as needed for both operational and training purposes. The Security Department holds evacuation team meetings and training sessions throughout the year.

Emergency contacts





Control Center (24 hour)


State Police Government Center Station B-4


DCAMM Building Operations


Facility Manager


DCAMM Director of Security


Emergency situations

  • Bomb Threat 
  • Elevator Malfunction
  • Fire and Life Safety
  • Fire Safety Guide
  • Medical Emergency
  • Power Failure
  • Severe Weather
  • Toxic Hazards

Emergency Procedure Plan

Building Manager for this facility is Kelly Flaherty, Facility Manager

Telephone number 617-631-4365

Emergency Number:  911

Designation of Other Organization Personnel:  Each Agency or Bureau will provide personnel to staff the Emergency Team.  The Emergency Coordinators will arrange for the designation of employees to fill the following positions:  floor safety monitor, area/room monitor, and mobility impaired persons’ monitor for each floor.

Emergency Team Leaders will:

  • Establish and maintain the Emergency Team
  • Issue necessary/printed instructions to facility occupants
  • Assist landlord and local enforcement or fire officials in the event of an emergency
  • Keep roster current, train team members

Floor Safety Monitor will:

  • Assign area/room monitors for their floor or area
  • Instruct their assistants in emergency procedures to be followed
  • Keep occupants of floor informed of emergency procedures
  • Keep current roster of area/room monitors
  • Direct orderly flow of personnel during emergencies and drills along prescribed relocation/evacuation routes
  • Keep alternates informed of emergency plans and procedures
  • Make floor clearance report to responding emergency personnel

Area/Room Monitors will:

  • Direct orderly flow of personnel during emergencies and drills in area
  • Ensure that all employees have evacuated their area and report to the safety floor monitor
  • Keep alternates informed of emergency plans and procedures

Special Assistance Monitor will:

  • Assist all mobility impaired to a safe area and assist fire department in their evacuation, if necessary
  • Keep alternates informed of emergency plans and procedures.

Fire Emergency

Report all fires regardless of size.

Fire Reporting Procedures

Upon discovering a fire:

  • Proceed to the location of the closest Fire Pull Box and set off the alarm.
  • The alarm will alert people on all floors of the building and inform the Pittsfield Fire Department directly. 
  • Fire Pull Boxes are located in the hallway of each floor and displayed on the safety floor plan, which is posted on each floor.

If safely possible, a person designated by the Emergency Coordinator should contact the Building Manager (phone number is 442-1893) and give specific details of the fire.  Describe the nature of the fire (wastepaper basket, office machine, rug, electrical, etc.)  The Building Manager will be responsible for further contact with the Pittsfield Fire Department.

Fire Evacuation Procedures:

  • Sound the Alarm
  • Notify the fire department
  • Immediately begin evacuating the building.
  • Proceed to the nearest exit
  • Take only essentials.
  • Do not use the elevators.
  • Re-group outside and away from the building to await the fire department

Do not, under any circumstances, re-enter the building until the Building Manager or the Pittsfield Fire Department has announced the ALL CLEAR.


Review the floor plan doorways, stairways, and exits.  Identify the one that applies to you.

The use of fire extinguishers is not recommended unless you are comfortable with their operation and the situation allows it.

The most important issue is life safety!

Notification to the fire department and

evacuation of all in the building is paramount!

Medical Emergency

In the event of a medical emergency call 911 and state the emergency, address, and location in the building.

  • Call the Building Maintenance Foreman at 413-442-1893 and advise him of the emergency, the location, and that a call has been placed to 911.
  • Have a designated individual meet the arriving emergency personnel and escort them to the scene.
  • Keep the patient as comfortable as possible.
  • Respect the patient’s privacy and secure the area to onlookers.
  • Keep the corridors and paths clear.

Have someone collect as much information as possible such as:

  • Name of patient
  • Age or date of birth
  • Address
  • Phone contact and who to call
  • Reported symptoms
  • Date and time
  • To what facility is the patient being transported to for treatment

Be sure to pass this information on to the Building Manager who will be generating an Incident Report.


Notify your Supervisor immediately!

Notify the Building Manager immediately!

An employee receiving a call about a bomb threat should try to get the exact location in the building where the bomb has been placed.  Try to solicit as much information as possible from the caller, try to ascertain sex, race, voice, group affiliation, etc.  Be alert to background noises or other clues that may indicate who is calling and the location of the caller.  It is VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE: the TIME the call was received and how much time before the bomb is to go off.

The call must be reported IMMEDIATELY to your SUPERVISOR who, in turn, will notify the Building Manager who will contact the Pittsfield Police and Fire Departments (911), The Deputy Commissioner of Inspectional Services and the Building Manager.

Under NO circumstances should an employee touch a foreign object, if found.  Discovery of a concerning item, object, or parcel should be brought to the attention of first responders


  • If evacuation is necessary, your supervisor or the Emergency Coordinator will announce it. Designated safety evacuation team monitors will be responsible for the orderly evacuation of all employees.  Employees will obey the instructions of the safety evacuation team monitors or others in authority.  (i.e. bomb search officer, police, etc.)  Prior to evacuation your immediate work area, check the space and report any suspicious packages or objects to the floor warden.  DO NOT TOUCH THE OBJECT.
  • You will return to your work area after an “ALL CLEAR” message has been announced.
  • Be sure to review the following page in advance so as to be aware of the gathering of important information.

Massachusetts State Police Bomb Threat Data Form

Exact wording of the threat:                                                                               


Questions to ask:

1. When is the bomb going to explode?                                                          

2. Where is it right now?                                                                                       

3. What does it look like?                                                                                     

4. What kind of bomb is it?                                                                                  

5. What will cause it to explode?                                                                       

6. Did you place the bomb?                                   If so, why?                         

7. What is your name?                                                                                           

8. What is your address?                                                                                       

Callers Voice: (circle any that apply)

Calm / Nasal / Angry / Stutter / Excited / Lisp / Slow / Rapid / Deep / Soft / Loud / Crying /Accent / Ragged / Distinct / Laughter / Normal / Clearing throat / Slurred / Disguised / Whispered / Deep breathing / Cracking voice.

If voice is familiar, who does it sound like?                                                   

Background Sounds: (circle any that apply)

Street noise / Voices / Factory machinery / Music / Crockery / Clear / Static / Motor / Animal noises / PA system / Local / Sirens / Horns / Phone booth / Long distance / House noises / Office machinery / Other      

Threat Language: (circle any that apply)

Well-spoken / Incoherent / Foul / Taped / Irrational / Prepared message read.


Received by                                                   Position                                                                          Phone:                                           

Date:                                   Time:                               AM/PM


General:  A continuing program of training and education for all team personnel is necessary to ensure maximum effectiveness of the TEAM.  Individuals who are assigned under this plan will be given instructions in their specific areas of responsibility by the Emergency Coordinators.

Drills: The TEAM will participate in periodic drills as part of their training to familiarize themselves with proper emergency actions.  Building occupants will also participate in partial evacuation (relocation) drills to become familiar with evacuation routes and emergency procedures.

Safety Emergency Team Monitors:  Team members will participate in training sessions as related to their function in the plan, such as:

  • Alarm and communication systems
  • Evacuation methods and crowd handling
  • Evacuation of handicapped persons
  • Use of emergency equipment

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