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Power outages

Power outage maps in Massachusetts and electric company contact information.

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View power outage maps

Click on your electric company's outage map below, to view power outage maps and other maintenance problems in your area.

Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) has a MEMA outage map that displays service interruptions from all the electric companies on a town level.  The MEMA map does not:

Report a power outage

To report a power outage, contact your electric company directly.  Contact information is available in the table, above.  You can report the power outage by:

  1. clicking on the electric company's power outage map, or
  2. calling your electric company.

Estimated restoration time

For updates on when you might get your power back, go to your electric utility's outage map (not the MEMA outage map).  A link is available above.

Reason for power outage

The DPU does not know why your power is out because each situation is unique.  If you want to know why your power is out, call your electric company at the number above.   

Historic power outages

The electric companies file their emergency response plan (ERP) reports, which list information about historic power outages.  The ERPs are docketed as follows:

Docket number Company name
XX-ERP-08 Unitil
XX-ERP-09 National Grid
XX-ERP-10 Eversource Energy

To access the spreadsheet with historic power outage information, please visit the file room and type the docket number, replacing the first two digits in a case number with the relevant year’s last two digits.  For example, to find power outages in 2016 in Unitil's service territory, use docket number "17-ERP-08".  Power outage information is filed the following year it happened with the DPU and 2016 is the earliest year that the data is available in Excel spreadsheets.  

The historic power outage information can be found in the initial filings (generally the filing with the oldest date) and includes information such as:

  • city or town where the outage occurred
  • number of customers affected
  • outage duration
  • time the outage occurred
  • reason for outage