Quabbin Watershed Advisory Committee (QWAC)

Learn about DCR's Quabbin Watershed Advisory Committee.

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About QWAC

The QWAC advises DWSP on its policies and regulations regarding fishing, boating and other recreational activities and environmental, wildlife and habitat matters within the Quabbin Reservoir watershed.  The committee is comprised of people representing:

  • the Massachusetts Council of Sportsmen
  • Trout Unlimited
  • the Quabbin Fisherman’s Association
  • the Worcester County League of Sportsmen
  • the North Worcester County Quabbin Anglers
  • the Massachusetts Audubon Society
  • the Swift River Valley Historical Society
  • the Massachusetts Wildlife Federation
  • the New England Sierra Club
  • the Friends of Quabbin, Inc.
  • one member of the general public

Meetings usually take place at the Quabbin Visitors Center in Belchertown.

QWAC Members

Massachusetts Council of Sportsmen: Tom Berube, Chairman

Trout Unlimited: Joe Babineau (Alternate – Jerry Eves)

Quabbin Fisherman’s Association: Larry Gates (Alternate – Bill Martell)

Worcester County League of Sportsmen: Craig Cortis

North Worcester County Quabbin Anglers: Tony Brighenti (Alternate – Tom Barnes)

Massachusetts Audubon Society: Tom Lautzenheiser

Swift River Valley Historical Society: James Boyko (Alternate – Jane Peirce)

Massachusetts Wildlife Federation: vacant

New England Sierra Club: Elisa Campbell

Friends of Quabbin, Inc.: J.R. Greene

General public: Ralph Lapinskas

QWAC Meetings


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