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Safe Routes To School - Education

SRTS offers the tools students need to be smart, safe pedestrians and bicyclists through a combination of training sessions, school assemblies, workshops, videos, and printed materials. We also have resources available for parents/guardians, educators, and community stakeholders that include webinars, lesson plans, videos, and other materials for download.

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Children learning about traffic rules


SRTS presents several webinars throughout the year. If you couldn’t attend live, full recordings of each webinar are available below.

SRTS Equity in Transportation Webinar - January 29, 2020

On January 29, 2020, the Massachusetts Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Program hosted a webinar on Equity in Transportation. We demonstrated the need for equity and explored outreach options for populations that need support based on national and statewide statistics. Topics discussed centered on policy changes and road safety issues for pedestrians and cyclists, specifically:

  • Equity and incentives
  • Access issues
  • New devices such as scooters, hoverboards and e-bikes
  • Complete Streets approach
  • Tactical urbanism

Please view webinar video below:

Additional Webinars[1]: (when you click the hyperlink below only the video of the past webinar will appear)

Bike Safety Education

Children learning about bicycle safety

Bike Safety Education

Bicycling-Themed Lesson Plans


Pedestrian Safety Education

Children safely cross the street.

SRTS provides pedestrian safety lessons for students in grades K-8, but is primarily focused on second-grade students. Cognitively, students at the second-grade level are ready to learn about the principals of being a safe pedestrian and therefore SRTS encourages schools to incorporate this training as enrichment or as part of curriculum. Schools can deliver the curriculum themselves with the resources below or can schedule a SRTS Outreach Coordinator to provide the training:

Pedestrian Safety Education


Pedestrian-Themed Lesson Plans

Additional Resources for Pedestrians


Driver Education

  • Link to Driver Education piece in English and nine other languages

Crossing Guards

Crossing guards play an important role in helping students travel safely as they approach the school. SRTS has some helpful resources to support the crossing guard(s) at your school.