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Safe Routes To School - Evaluation

The Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Program evaluates both the physical transportation environment, as well as how community members interact with that environment.

Table of Contents

Active Transportation Assessment

Your SRTS outreach coordinator can lead a walk/bike assessment in order to identify preferred walking and biking routes to school. Typical attendees of an assessment include principals, teachers, town planners, public works engineers, parents, police, and other community stakeholders. The assessment will identify existing routes to be used on SRTS flagship days, regular monthly or weekly walking days, or on a daily basis by a walking school bus and/or bike trains.

Parent Travel Survey

The Massachusetts Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Program has a 3-minute transportation survey available in both paper and online versions, translated into 9 different languages.  SRTS staff can assist with the survey administration, report generation, and presentation of results. School administrators can have direct access to survey results and reports through an administrative login on the website.

Student Travel Tallies

Student surveys are conducted by teachers through a one-page datasheet based on student hand-raising in the classroom over a three day period.

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