Snakes of Massachusetts

Learn about the colors, patterns, habitats, and behaviors of our 14 snake species.

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Massachusetts is home to an impressive diversity of wildlife, including 14 species of snakes. Deepen your appreciation for nature, and give yourself more peace of mind, by learning to identify more of the snakes you may see on your next outdoor adventure or in your own backyard. Start by learning which species are the most common, which species are the most rare, which species are most often mistaken for each other, and which species have which color patterns and habitat preferences.

Only two of the 14 types of snakes in Massachusetts are venomous: the timber rattlesnake and the copperhead. Both live in only a few areas of the state, and both are state-listed as endangered species.

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Snake species


If you see a snake that is state-listed as threatened, endangered, or of special concern, we'd like to hear from you! Please share your observation on the MassWildlife Heritage Hub. Sharing requires creating an account, but you will receive confirmation and thanks from our biologists, once your observation has been reviewed and confirmed. Your reports provide critical information that informs future habitat management and wildlife conservation for future generations. For a single sighting, as an alternative to setting up a Heritage Hub account, you can also use our Rare Animal Observation Form

To learn more about areas near you where rare species have been documented and confirmed, visit our rare species viewer.








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