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Heritage Hub Overview

The online reporting and filing system for the Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program.

MassWildlife's Heritage Hub enables citizen scientists, landowners, consultants, and researchers to:

  • report rare species and natural communities,
  • submit vernal pool certification forms,
  • request rare species information, and
  • apply for MESA project reviews associated with development projects.

Table of Contents

Register for an account

From the Heritage Hub homepage, click on the LOGIN/REGISTER button. First-time users need to create their account including a username, password, name, and email address.

Organizations can create accounts and invite their employees to join for a more collaborative experience. For more information on how to create an Organization Account, please see our Heritage Hub Help Documentation

Internet Browsers 

  • Ensure you have the latest version of your web browser installed.  Older versions may not support all system functionality. 
  • Internet Explorer is considered deprecated and therefore not a supported browser for this application.
  • Note: The browser extension Grammarly has been identified as incompatible with the date fields in the system and causes the application to crash.  Please be sure to turn off this extension when using Heritage Hub.

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Report Observations

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Bulk Upload Observations

The Heritage Hub application allows you to bulk create Plant, Animal, or Natural Community observation forms. To successfully upload your observation reports, including negative data, you must use one of the preformatted template spreadsheets.

For more information on bulk upload see our Heritage Hub Help Documentation or refer to the example spreadsheets below.

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MESA Filings

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