SNAP and HIP at Farmers Markets and Farms

Accepting SNAP at your farmers market or farm can bring new customers. Learn how your farm or farmers market can get set up to accept SNAP (food stamps), and participate in the Healthy Incentives Program.

Are you a SNAP recipient looking for HIP-authorized retailers near you? Click here. For more information on SNAP and HIP go to

HIP is a state-funded program. Vendors and each terminal used to process HIP must be enabled individually by DTA. Vendor participation in HIP is limited.

The 2022 HIP Vendor Notice of Opportunity solicited applications from agricultural vendors for consideration to onboard as HIP vendors in an effort to expand HIP access points. The application period closed June 17, 2022.

How do I become a SNAP Retailer?

Complete the USDA application to become an authorized SNAP retailer. This may be completed on line at

Additional documentation will be needed:

  • Picture I.D.
  • Social Security Card

If you do not have these, another official document with your name and SSN may be used (all principal business owners may use top page of previous year’s tax return)


On the application, follow instructions as if you are a “Store”, not a Farmers Market until you are given the option to select “Direct Marketing Farmer”. Answer subsequent questions as though your farm is a “store”—fill in times your farm stand is open, days/times you sell at farmers markets, or have CSA pick-ups.

Complete the application to the best of your ability. If you have questions on any section, leave it blank and an FNS staff person will contact you to resolve it.

For questions or assistance, contact USDA at 312-353-6609.

Do you need assistance filling out the USDA SNAP retailer application? MarketLink, a USDA funded program of the National Association of Farmers Market Nutrition Programs, can help farms and farmers markets complete the USDA application. Book a time with their staff at At the link, choose SNAP Application Assistance, and then Debbie Crosby.

How do I process SNAP and HIP?

Once you have received your SNAP retailer authorization (FNS #), obtain SNAP processing equipment.

Landline and Mobile Equipment Options: Learn more about landline and mobile equipment options available for processing SNAP and HIP, and subsidy programs which may cover some of the costs, here.

SNAP Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Pilot: Learn more about the SNAP CSA Pilot for processing SNAP and HIP without EBT Equipment here.

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