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HIP for farmers and farm vendors

HIP provides SNAP households with additional benefits if they purchase fruits and vegetables at participating farmers markets, farm stands, mobile markets and community supported agriculture (CSAs) farm share programs.

How does HIP work?

HIP gives households money back when they use their SNAP benefits to buy healthy, local fruits and vegetables from HIP vendors. This program also injects money into the local economy by supporting more than 200 farm vendors statewide.

Find current HIP vendors

Do you receive SNAP benefits and want to find a HIP farm vendor near you? Visit DTAFinder.com. You can search for vendors by month, day of week open or “open today”. You can also search by city, county or device geolocation (“my location”). You will be able to see what order options vendors have, including availability of curbside pickup and delivery.

Learn how to use the map on a mobile device in English and Spanish and a desktop computer in English and Spanish.

Opportunities to become a HIP retailer

HIP is a state-funded program. Vendors and each terminal used to process HIP must be enabled individually by DTA.

The 2022 HIP Vendor Notice of Opportunity solicited applications from agricultural vendors for consideration to onboard as HIP vendors in an effort to expand HIP access points. The application period closed June 17, 2022. See more details.

How to become a SNAP retailer

You can apply to become a SNAP retailer through the United States Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service (USDA FNS). SNAP is a federally funded program. Learn more about the application process for farms and farmers markets here.

Note: this does not enroll you as a HIP vendor.

Additional Resources

How to obtain EBT equipment

Once you are approved to become a SNAP retailer by the USDA FNS, you can get EBT equipment to process SNAP. However, DTA must enable you as a HIP vendor, and enable each terminal individually for HIP, before your equipment can process the HIP incentive. See details under "Opportunities to become a HIP vendor,” above.

Farms and farmers’ markets are eligible to receive free landline EBT processing equipment. Once authorized for SNAP, your business will be contacted by Conduent (the licensed EBT vendor for Massachusetts). Conduent will offer you the option to obtain a landline EBT-only terminal. If you accept, the company will send you a Retailer Agreement and W-9 form to be completed and returned along with a cancelled check. To contact Conduent directly, call (866) 891-7897 or visit their retailer website here.

Learn about other paid and subsidized options for SNAP and HIP processing equipment here

Additional Resources

How to process HIP with EBT equipment

DTA must enable you as a HIP vendor, and enable each terminal individually for HIP, before your equipment can process the HIP incentive. See details under "Opportunities to become a HIP vendor", above. 

Two types of devices can process HIP, once enabled by DTA: Conduent's Direct Connect EBT-only landline terminal and Novo Dia Group’s TotilPay mobile app (formerly known as Mobile Market Plus). 

If your business receives a HIP-enabled Direct Connect device from Conduent, you must first complete and void a SNAP transaction before the HIP option becomes available.

Additional Resources

How to process HIP through the CSA Pilot

The SNAP CSA Pilot offers a way for SNAP clients to buy a weekly basket of produce via automatic, recurring monthly SNAP payments. Learn more about the CSA Pilot here.

DTA must enable you as a HIP vendor and enable your SNAP CSA program for HIP before you can process the HIP incentive.

Resources for current HIP authorized farms and vendors

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