Sustainability at State Facilities: Projects and Headlines

Explore and learn more about the wide array of clean energy and sustainability projects completed at state agencies and public institutes of higher education around the Commonwealth.

State agencies, authorities, and public institutes of higher education are advancing a wide array of clean energy and sustainability efforts at their respective facilities, including clean energy systems, creating pollinator habitats, designing and constructing LEED buildings, and more. This page is meant to highlight some of these projects.

Additional information about agency and campus sustainability programs can be found on their respective websites, compiled on the Leading By Example Links page.

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Sustainability Projects Interactive Map

The Leading by Example Interactive Map includes clean energy and sustainability initiatives completed at state facilities across the Commonwealth. Although we have done our best to include completed projects in the categories listed in the map, please let LBE's Ryan Kingston know if you have information on a project that is not included in the map ( 

To filter initiatives, view in full screen, and unlock the full interactive elements of the map, click the box on the top right corner of the map.

While this map includes many key projects at state facilities, it is not inclusive of all sustainability efforts, including extensive energy projects and battery storage installations. LBE will continue to work to include additional categories.

LBE Map Legend

State Facility Sustainability Project Database

Home page of the LBE sustainability project database

The project database includes lists of projects at state facilities that users can filter by desired traits

The LBE Sustainability Project Database lists energy and sustainability projects completed at state entities. Projects can be filtered by key attributes such as site type, installation size, and year completed. Users are encouraged to explore this database to identify efforts they may wish to replicate and facilities they may wish to connect with to share lessons learned.

If additional information or contacts are needed for a particular project, or if you have projects to add, please reach out to

Download the Project Database (excel file) here: LBE Sustainability Project Database 10.12.21

Countdown to 100 LEED-Certified Buildings

The state building portfolio has reached 100 LEED-certified buildings! LBE is releasing a series of one-pages highlighting some of the sustainability features of state buildings that have recently achieved LEED Certification. Included are links to respective state agency sustainability websites.

Sustainability Stories and Headlines

The Leading by Example program highlights the work of state agencies and public institutes of higher education through press releases, one-page featurettes, and public events. A collection of recent stories and features are below, starting with the most recent. This section is updated regularly. If your entity has a press release, blog, case study, or other story they would like to share with LBE partners, please contact

UMass Amherst Drilling Geothermal Wells to Help Reach Carbon Zero Emissions - From 22 News on January 17, 2023 - A new geothermal well is being drilled on Haigis Mall at UMass Amherst, this is part of a bigger program within the University and will help the school reach their energy goals.

To see stories and features from previous months and years, please visit the LBE Stories Archive page.

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