How do I get to and from after school activities?

Your social worker can help you find a way to go to and from after-school activities if your foster parents can’t. If your social worker can't help, talk to your lawyer. Can you read a bus, subway or train schedule? In some places, public transportation is often cheaper and more convenient than a car.

Am I allowed to get my learner’s permit and a driver’s license?

Yes! Kids in foster care can get their permit and license. You can get a learner’s permit at age 16 and a driver’s license at 16 1/2. To get your learner’s permit you must pass a written multiple choice test. To get your driver’s license you must pass a driving test. Get more information from the Registry of Motor Vehicles website or you can call (617) 351-4500. You can also get a copy of the Driver’s Manual at

Who should I talk to about getting my permit and license?

Your social worker is the best person to talk to about getting your permit and license. Your social worker gives permission and can tell you how to do it. You can also talk to your lawyer about it. If you are in DCF custody because of a Voluntary Placement Agreement or a CRA case, your parents or guardian will decide.

Who pays for getting my learner’s permit, driving school and my driver’s license?

Talk to your social worker, the Adolescent Outreach Worker at the DCF office near you, and/or your lawyer about getting money to pay for your learner’s permit, driving school, your license, and whose car to use to practice and take your driving test.

You may be able to earn money through participation in the DCF program, PAYA. For more information about PAYA, talk to your Intensive Foster Care Worker, your social worker or any Adolescent Outreach Worker at DCF.

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