Transition Frequently Asked Questions

The following Boards and all applicable license types will transition to an online licensing system.

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Q1: What Boards and license types are affected by the transition and when are they transitioning?  

A1: The following Boards and Programs, and all applicable license types will transition to an online licensing system on August 28, 2023:  

  • Board of Registration in Pharmacy  

  • Board of Registration of Physician Assistants 

  • Board of Certification of Community Health Workers 

  • The Board of Respiratory Care 

  • The Drug Control Program’s Pharmaceutical Code of Conduct 

Additionally, the following Massachusetts Controlled Substance Registrations will transition to an online licensing system on August 28, 2023

  • CDTM Pharmacist MCSRs 

  • Physician Assistant MCSRs 

Q2: How do I access the online system?  

A2: Go to the Health Professions Licensing Portal  and create an account by clicking on the “Create Account” button. Once your account is created, use your license number and Social Security Number to link your license to your account.  If this is your first time using this new portal, please visit Health Professions Licensing System User Guide.  

Q3: How will I, as a licensee, be affected?  

A3: The transition will have no effect on your license status, however, you will have access to application and renewal services online.  

Q4: Will the transition change the process and requirements needed to complete license applications?  

A4. You are still required to provide all the standard application materials as you were required in the past; however, you will be able to upload documents and complete applications online.  

Q5: When I need to renew my license, what should I do?  

A5: You will receive an email renewal notice per your license renewal cycle with guidance on renewing your license in the online licensing system. Go to the Health Professions Licensing Portal  and log on to your account to renew your license.  

Q6: Will I need to link my license to my account?  

A6: All licensees and applicants will need to link their license to new or existing accounts in the system.  

Q7: Do I need to have an email address to complete my application?  

A7: Yes, email is required to use the updated system. Providing your email address will allow the Board to communicate with you quickly and effectively going forward.  

Q8: Where can I go to verify a license that has transitioned?  

A8: Beginning on August 28, 2023, please visit DPH Check a License ( to verify these licenses. You will need the license number and/or name of the licensee you wish to verify. Additional details are provided on the verification page.  

Date published: July 26, 2023

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