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Several web cameras around the state are available to the public to witness the Peregrine Falcon breeding season!
Peregrine Falcon chicks
Peregrine Falcon chicks

Get an inside look at the nests of the fastest birds on Earth through the live nest cameras in Massachusetts. These cameras are pointed directly at or are within nest boxes and allow an up close live look at nesting pairs and their chicks. Peregrine Falcons nest on rocky cliffy, as well as manmade structures such as buildings and bridges. Chicks hatch in early May and leave the nest in mid-June (at about 7 weeks of age).

Falcon camera on the Gillis Bridge, Newburyport
MassWildlife and MassDOT installed a falcon nest box and a camera. The camera takes a picture every 15 minutes. 

Falcon camera on the Clock Tower of the Custom House, Boston
Peregrines have been nesting at this site for over 20 years. Since this nest box is sheltered, it has one of the most successful records of chick production in the eastern U.S.

Falcon camera on Fox Hall Dorm at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Peregrines have nested on top of Fox Hall since 2007. The female falcon, Merri, was able to find a new mate after her previous one, Mack, died unexpectedly in June of 2014.

Falcon camera on Du Bois Library at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Peregrines have nested successfully on the roof of the Du Bois Library since 2003.

Falcon camera on Monarch Place, Springfield
Peregrine falcons have nested at this site for many years.

Falcon Camera at the New Balance old mill clock tower, Lawrence
The Ayer Mill clock tower, one of the largest chiming 4-sided clock tower in the world, has been a nest site for peregrine falcons since 2002.

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